Dentist Who Offers Sedation Near Johns Creek & Alpharetta, GA

By Dr. James Forester | Feb 1, 2022 | Gentle Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry
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Are you looking for a dentist who offers sedation near Johns Creek and Alpharetta area? Dr. Forester at Lifetime Smiles has your back and your smile!

Lifetime Smiles is a family owned and family-friendly dental office that offers a variety of excellent services to keep your mouth looking and feeling its best.

Lifetime Smiles offers dental services that include:

  • family dentistry
  • gentle pediatric dentistry
  • emergency dentistry
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • restorative dentistry
  • sedation dentistry

Feel free to visit our dentistry services page where it lists all of our dental services. From that page you can click on any service to learn more.

The aspect that sets Lifetime Smiles apart is our focus on a comprehensive approach

In other words, it’s not just about fixing your tooth; it’s about targeting the entire mouth in a preventive and comprehensive manner. Lifetime Smiles cares about your oral health as a whole, and our patients know this well.

Another aspect that sets us apart is our focus on patient comfort.

In addition to the incredible, friendly staff and highly trained dentist, we provide a calming atmosphere and sedation dentistry to make your experience happy and nearly painless.

Sedation dentistry is available to most every Lifetime Smiles patient and takes many forms.

So why choose sedation dentistry and what are the benefits? Here are 5 reasons…

1. Sedation dentistry to relieve dental fear and dental anxiety

Dental fear is extremely common and often stops patients from even receiving dental care. Dentists recognize and validate this anxiety. They have taken many steps to relieve this fear, including sedation.

Sedation relaxes the brain during procedures. Some sedation methods even include pre-procedure treatment, such as a pill (known as oral sedation).

 In addition, sedation creates anterograde amnesia, which prevents the brain from creating traumatic memories during the procedure. This is especially helpful for patients who gain more anxiety with each new visit.

While sedation can help anyone feel more comfortable, an anxious patient can benefit greatly from these calming methods that eliminate fear and create calm. Who wouldn’t want to feel calm and relaxed during every dental appointment?

2. Pain relief

Pain relief is possibly the most popular reason for sedation. Because mouths are sensitive to pain and procedures that can be extremely uncomfortable, patients tend to avoid seeking help for oral care issues (i.e. cavities, gum disease, bleeding gums, etc).

However, avoiding dental appointments can lead to further problems that can cause major oral issues. This isn’t meant to scare you; we just want you to understand that small problems can lead to bigger problems when it comes to dental problems.

With sedation, pain during the procedure is completely removed because the anesthesia cuts off the brain’s ability to register pain. This greatly increases comfort and allows for a smooth procedure.

All you have to do is let us know you want sedation when you’re scheduling the appointment with us.

3. Reduction of gag reflexes

Another extremely common issue in the world of dentistry is the dreaded gag reflexes. This can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing for patients, and could potentially hinder the procedure. Some patients even struggle with vomiting due to gag reflexes, which can be painful and messy for both the patient and the dentist.

With sedation, the gag reflex is completely paralyzed and the patient can enjoy a smooth and comfortable procedure, no matter how far the dentist has to reach.

4. Speedier process

All of the above issues can cause hindrance to a dental procedure, meaning a dental procedure may take longer to do if the dentist has to stop every few minutes because of a sensitive gag reflex, for instance.

By eliminating these issues with the use of sedation, procedures can be comfortable and fast. People are all about a quick service to fit their busy schedules.

With sedation, procedures can be efficient and effective. It creates a happy process for the dentist AND the patient.

5. Cuts appointment visits

In addition to the efficiency sedation creates, it also provides extra time to provide multiple procedures without pain in one appointment. Multiple issues can be addressed during one appointment and patients can therefore expect to make less appointments.

While the staff at Lifetime Smiles cares for each of their patients, the less patients are seen, the better things are going.

Ready to experience a calm appointment with the help of sedation dentistry?

Do you have impending dental needs, but the issues mentioned above have been holding you back? No more excuses needed!

Contact our dentist who offers sedation near Johns Creek and Alpharetta. It’s time to enjoy the painless comfort of sedation dentistry!

We’re happy to meet any of your oral care needs. We promise you won’t regret it.