Are you new to the Johns Creek area and are looking for a pediatric dentist?

Do you currently have a pediatric dentist that your child is seeing, but you want a second opinion or want to change pediatric dentists altogether

Is your daughter or son ready for her first dental appointment?

Lifetime Smiles (near Atlanta, GA) offers gentle pediatric dentistry to our younger patients. Our dentist, Dr. Jim Forester, is trained to solve and treat dental problems that impact children’s dental health.

We believe in comprehensive dentistry, which means we get to the root of the problem instead of just “putting a band-aid over it.” What this means for your child—he or she will receive top-notch care that will fix dental problems at an early age before they turn into bigger dental problems.

Is your child very afraid of dental appointments? We have the answer!

Also, if your son or daughter is afraid of going to the dentist office for appointments, we offer gentle sedation dentistry. Safe sedation for kids can help to ease fears and anxieties so he or she can have a more calming experience at our office.

To find out if sedation is the best option for your child, schedule your consultation appointment today. With the combination of sedation dentistry and our caring, friendly dentist and staff members, your child will have a great experience.

Ready to schedule a pediatric dental appointment?

If you are ready to meet our dentist and staff members to receive top-notch dental care, call our office. Our contact information can be found here.

We look forward to meeting your son or daughter, as well as your entire family. We are confident that your child will feel comfortable at our office!