Are you sick of your crooked teeth every time you look in the mirror?

Do you feel embarrassed when you smile or laugh in a room filled with people?

Do you wish that you could just feel confident when laughing and smiling?

Now you can, especially when choosing Lifetime Smiles in Johns Creek as your cosmetic dentistry practice. Dr. Forester is trained and experienced to use a product called Inman Aligner™ to straighten patient’s crooked teeth.

What is the Inman Aligner? How Does it Work?

The Inman Aligner is a great method to straighten your front four teeth (the teeth that show the most when you smile).

This specific type of aligner (as opposed to Invisalign® aligners) are best used when fixing crowded or protruded front teeth (also nicknamed “buck teeth”). Patients typically wear the aligners for 6-18 weeks. The aligners are removable, which means you can easily take them out to clean them, eat, and take care of your natural teeth.

Is the Inman Aligner Better than Invisalign?

Also, it is very common for us to fit patients with an Inman Aligner if they had braces when they were younger, and either lost or most likely just quit wearing their retainer.

Over the years, your teeth can shift back to a crowded position. Most adults (yourself included probably!) usually don’t want to go through the time and expense of doing braces again. While we have several ways to correct that, the Inman Aligner provides a great solution if the problem is just the front four teeth. It moves the teeth quicker than other methods. Patients also like the fact that the Inman Aligner is removable, which is great for important social or business events.

We are happy to offer you a complimentary evaluation to see if the Inman Aligner would work for you. If you choose to move forward, we will do a digital scan of your teeth and send it to the Inman Lab for evaluation and processing.

Also, don’t worry about other people noticing the aligners—they will barely see them! When you smile, you only see the thin, clear wire.

Is the Inman Aligner Right for You?

If the Inman Aligner is right for you, we will take digital impressions of your teeth. The impressions will be sent to the lab so they can custom-create your aligners. Once you receive the aligners, you will have to wear them for 16-20 hours per day (just as you would if you were wearing Invisalign aligners).

During the time period when you wear the Inman Aligner, Dr. Forester needs to check the progress every 2-3 weeks in the office. We just need to make sure the teeth are shifting properly.

Does it Hurt to Straighten Crooked Teeth?

For minor cases (when teeth are slightly crooked or misaligned), it typically does not hurt to straighten them. If patients experience pain in the first week or so after wearing the aligners, mild painkillers (i.e. Tylenol or aspirin) can be taken.

The aligners are designed in such a way that gentle pressure is applied to your teeth over a 6-18 week period. This gentle pressure straightens your teeth for a beautiful, new smile.

We will give you clear instructions on how to care for the aligners, too.

Cosmetic Dentistry at Lifetime Smiles

If you are ready to fix your crooked, misaligned teeth, now is the time to do it. To get started, just call our office or submit the form on our website. We will speak with you during your initial consultation to determine your needs. If clear aligners are right for you, we can get started right away.

In no time you will smile with confidence!