We are not a Medicare / Medicaid provider. We are an unrestricted provider for other insurance companies (meaning we are not on a “list”, but will accept as partial payment whatever they cover).


As a courtesy, we will electronically file your insurance claim at the time of treatment. We pledge to help you receive the maximum reimbursement benefit from your company’s program.

Your insurance is a contract between you and your employer and/or the insurance company. While we may provide services, we are not a part of the contract that you have with your insurance company. We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier personally in order to remain informed of your benefits. Some insurance companies/employers select certain services that they will not cover in order to reduce the cost of insurance premiums. This in turn leads to certain services not covered under your insurance, and in these cases, you will be responsible for the amounts.

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Sometimes an insurance company will state that the fee charged by the dentist was over the “UCR” of the policy, (the usual, customary, and reasonable fee). This does not mean that the fee charged by the dentist was excessive; it usually reflects the type of contract and payment your employer arranged with the insurance company. Keep in mind that most plans only provide for minimal average care. We consider our treatment to be better in quality than “usual or customary,” that it reflects our training and experience, and we strive to make our services a good value for the fee charged.