How to Catch Oral Cancer in the Early Stages

Cancer is a scary thing, and the key to successfully fighting cancer is to catch it in its earliest stages.

When it comes to oral cancer, that is our approach—catch oral cancer in its earliest stages when possible.

You can find comfort in knowing that you and your family members will get screened for oral cancer at every hygiene appointment.

  • Our hygienists and dentist are trained and experienced to detect oral cancer in its early stages. This test is performed by using the VELscope® device.
  • The VELscope allows us to detect abnormalities before they become big problems. The device is able to detect changes in tissue and tissue abnormalities.
  • It is the most widely used device to detect oral cancer, bacterial infections, inflammations, tumors, oral disease, and other mucosal conditions.
  • The VELscope can detect cancerous and pre-cancerous abnormalities.
  • In addition to using the VELscope, we will perform a routine head and neck examination. This, in conjunction with the VELscope, will help us detect any health issues related to oral cancer.
  • Using the VELscope for a routine oral cancer exam takes only two minutes. It is harmless and painless.

Early detection of oral cancer is critical. When caught early enough, you can significantly decrease your chances of lengthy, invasive treatment(s), and also increase your chances of oral cancer survival.

Oral Cancer Screenings from Lifetime Smiles

At Lifetime Smiles, we care about you and your family members, which is why we offer this service along with your routine teeth cleaning appointment. It is always best to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to having a clean bill of health.

If you would like to be screened for oral cancer, call us today to schedule your appointment. We will perform the screening, as well as clean your pearly whites during the same appointment.

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