Dentist Reviews for Lifetime Smiles of Johns Creek, GA

Jay Martin

Our family loves Lifetime Smiles. It feels like a small town dentist when I walk in. Everyone knows my name all the way down to my 3rd child. It feels like home. Dr. Forester is an experienced Dentist but I never feel his equipment or knowledge are caught up in the past. He always has the newest most advanced dentistry tools to take care of my families teeth. Thank you Dr. Forester for your friendship and service all these years.


I was in London England in September and developed a tooth problem, I was in real pain. I called Dr Forester and ask what I should do since I was in London (socialized medicine). The Dr told be to be careful what I let them do, just try and stop the pain. The amazing fact is the good Dr was available to talk to me and advise what to do, I was very appreciative of that and surprised. I have been with Dr Forester since 1990 and he has always been available when I needed to talk to him. Thanks Dr Forester, oh The dentist in London Gave me a pill that killed the pain. I saw Dr Forester when I got back and everything is good.

Dr. John Edmund Haggai

When I was young my dentist told me I would be fortunate to keep my teeth until I was 30. I have nothing but the highest commendation for the tremendous dental care you have given me. At 91, anyone looking at me smiling would consider me to have a magnificent set of teeth (even though they include five implants). I am indebted to you and grateful to you.

Elizabeth Nafziger

How many people can say that they don’t dread going to the dentist? I can.

Stephanie Nafziger

I now look forward to going to the dentist rather than dreading it!

Amy James

I have been coming to Dr. Forester for over 20 years and would not consider seeing any other dentist or practice. I enjoy Lifetime Smiles’ attention to detail and organization with my records, I always feel at ease the minute I walk into the office and everyone working for Lifetime Smiles is always in a great mood with a positive and friendly approach. I fully trust Dr. Forester with any procedure I have had or will need, as he is not only skilled at what he does and a consummate professional, but someone who really cares about all of his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Forester and Lifetime Smiles often, and will continue to do so in the future.

Thank you for being such a wonderful provider, a great team and wonderfully friendly people!

Brad Leeper

Finding a trusted dentist is an adventure often met with disappointment. Not so with Jim and team!

Walking into the office for the first time was easy and comfortable. Jim and team’s expertise and quality care have kept me coming back for years. Not only is Jim on top of his professional game in his constant learning, the complete experience comes with confidence and fun.

I actually enjoy each appointment!

Vernon Watts

I have received care from Dr. Forester for more than 20 years. Without a doubt my care has been superior. I inherited a tendency toward gum disease and substantial recession, but because of such excellent treatment from Dr. Forester, I have not experienced difficulties and my teeth have been preserved even as I approach the end of a normal working career. I am quite fortunate to have received care of such exceptional quality and courtesy, and I strongly endorse Dr. Forester.