My Painting Journey

In 2016, I took my first oil painting class from Larry and Pam Smith of Two Smith Gallery in downtown Duluth. Previously, I had only painted walls and furniture. I was somewhat afraid of the effort, as I never considered myself a good freehand drawer and worried considerably about the proportions. Fortunately, they taught me how to “grid” my canvas which helped me to rough in my painting. Once that was out of the way, my years of detailed cosmetic dental work helped me tremendously with shapes and color. I have truly enjoyed the learning process, which will likely go on forever. Experimenting with different styles and subjects keeps it interesting. I give great credit to my teachers for their expertise and patience with me. They make the learning experience fun. I have a new hobby to keep me busy for years to come!

The following is a guide to the oil paintings hanging in my office with a brief description of what and where the subject was from. Enjoy!