Welcome to our Smile Gallery!

All before and after photos on this website are actual patients of Dr. Forester, so feel free to ask any questions or contact us if you’re ready to improve your smile.

The primary goal of cosmetic dentistry is to achieve restorations that blend and do not look fake.

Dr. Forester determines with each patient what they desire to achieve, then hand-crafts beautiful smiles by utilizing advanced technology to correct any flaws or imperfections, blending that in with the patient’s teeth to achieve an enhanced, natural looking smile that his patients love.

Johns Creek Cosmetic Dentist – Before & After Photos

Veneers - Before Veneers - After
Acid Restoration - Before Acid Restoration - After
Acid Restoration
All - Before All - After
Crown Replacement - Before Crown Replacement - After
Crown Replacement
Durathin Veneers - Before Durathin Veneers - After
Durathin Veneers
Emergency Bonding Repair - Before Emergency Bonding Repair - After
Emergency Bonding Repair
Emergency Repair Front Two - Before Emergency Repair Front Two - After
Emergency Repair Front Two
Front Chips - Before Front Chips - After
Front Chips
Front Crown Replace - Before Front Crown Replace - after
Front Crown Replace
Front Emergency Repair - Before Front Emergency Repair - After
Front Emergency Repair
Front Implant - Before Front Implant - After
Front Implant
Full Arch - Before Full Arch - After
Full Arch
Old Crown Replacement - Before Old Crown Replacement - After
Old Crown Replacement
Space Close, Gum Lift - Before
Space Close, Gum Lift
Veneer Replacement - Before Veneer Replacement - After
Veneer Replacement
White Spot Infusion - Before White Spot Infusion - After
White Spot Infusion