Long-Term Wellness

Most insurance plans are reactive in nature and emphasize urgent or remedial care. They actually encourage a disease-centered approach to health. This is the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach. Part of the problem with this approach is the definition of broken, or the definition of fixing it. Rarely are insurance companies concerned with your long-term health or disease prevention. They know that the odds of your being insured with them when something breaks in the future is small. Certain types of insurance plans provide “lists” of preferred dentists. These plans can dictate to the dentist the treatment you receive, regardless of your need. Because our desire is to provide quality treatment, we have chosen not to participate in them.

Proactive treatment is focused on becoming healthy, or creating a long-term wellness model. Our goal is to identify potential risks that exist in your mouth, describe the potential consequences of those risks, and to outline the various options that are available for you to correct or improve the situation.

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